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Randy Dominguez

Meet Randy Dominguez, a proud Arizona native with over three decades of hands-on experience in the automotive industry. Raised amidst the stunning landscapes of Arizona, Randy’s life is enriched by his loving wife Carmen and their five incredible children – four boys and one cherished girl. Alongside his family, Randy finds strength and purpose in his unwavering Christian faith.

With a career spanning 35 years, Randy has become a seasoned expert in dealership operations, notably as a proficient sales manager. His passion for nurturing talent has led him to personally mentor numerous successful sales professionals, many of whom have ascended to become esteemed General Managers and owners in the industry. Randy’s expertise extends across a wide array of manufacturers, including Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Chevy, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, and GMC. Whether it’s navigating new and used retail, mastering leasing intricacies, or conducting precise trade evaluations, Randy’s comprehensive knowledge makes him a trusted guide in the car buying process.

Now, as part of the AZ Car Brokers team, Randy is dedicated to sharing his wealth of experience and insights to ensure that you and your family secure the best possible deal on your next vehicle purchase or lease. With Randy at your side, expect meticulous negotiation efforts aimed at securing the most competitive price, interest rate, and loan terms available. Whether you’re considering a trade-in or exploring alternative bids, Randy’s commitment to maximizing value ensures you receive nothing short of exceptional service. Focused on saving you both time and money, Randy prioritizes transparency and efficiency throughout the buying journey, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience at the dealership.

For Randy Dominguez, customer satisfaction reigns supreme. Count on him to provide personalized guidance and steadfast support as he navigates you through every stage of your car buying endeavor. When it comes to your next vehicle, trust Randy Dominguez to deliver unparalleled expertise and unwavering dedication, ensuring your utmost satisfaction with every transaction.

Ken Leroux

Ken Leroux, known affectionately as “The Automotive Cowboy,” has marked two decades of marriage with his beloved wife Carrie, with whom he shares the joys of parenthood to their daughters, London and Addison. Ken’s commitment to philanthropy shines through his active participation in esteemed organizations such as the Scottsdale Charros and the Scottsdale 20/30 club, both devoted to championing education and children’s charities. Rooted in his deep conviction for nurturing strong familial bonds and vibrant communities, Ken’s engagement in these endeavors remains unwavering.

Beyond his automotive pursuits, Ken’s passion extends to the western horse industry, where he finds solace and inspiration in its enduring values. Together with his daughter London, he is deeply involved in breeding and raising American Quarter Horses, with a keen focus on the discipline of cutting, embodying his affinity for the Western way of life.

Throughout his professional journey spanning over 27 years, Ken has traversed various roles across multiple states, with the automotive industry being a consistent thread. Beginning as a salesperson in Orlando, Florida, he has progressively assumed managerial and leadership roles in auto dealerships, demonstrating his versatility and expertise. Notably, as the general manager of the Hi Country Auto Group, Ken orchestrated staffing decisions, refined processes, and elevated the customer experience, culminating in prestigious accolades such as multiple Buick dealer of the year awards and recognition for sales and customer satisfaction across Buick, Chevy, GMC, and Kia brands.

However, Ken’s tenure in the auto industry has not been without its challenges. He has witnessed firsthand the pitfalls of an industry marred by dishonesty, broken promises, and misguided incentives. Determined to rectify this, Ken identified auto brokering as a means to leverage his industry acumen for the benefit of consumers. Through AZ Car Brokers, Ken and his team prioritize ensuring clients receive fair deals without the usual frustrations associated with traditional dealership experiences.

At AZ Car Brokers, Ken and his team specialize in negotiating fair prices for vehicles and trade-ins, along with additional products like warranties and gap insurance. They diligently search for competitive interest rates and loan terms, while eliminating unnecessary purchases. With a commitment to transparency and efficiency, they meet you at the dealership to ensure a smooth paperwork process and seamless vehicle delivery, prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else.

We provide personalized solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of our each client.

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